COVID-19 Response

Convoy of Hope is responding to the Coronavirus outbreak across the Oceania region through our Hope in Every Home Response. Our focus is to deliver much-needed goods and necessities to individuals and homes in need. Our desire is that these hampers will bring a smile and a little hope in tough times.
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OCTOBER 8, 2020 | 11:30 A.M.

SYDNEY — When COVID-19 first appeared, Convoy of Hope did what we do best — respond to disasters. And over the last five months, the pandemic has proven to be nothing short of that. Between the effects of the virus itself and the economic impact, people across Australia and around the world are suffering.

But there was something else on the move. A tide of compassion that moved many to action. You — our faithful supporters — have given as donors, hauled hamper bags as volunteers, and prayed for us as friends. Because of you, the people who are in the midst of hardship have received help and hope.


  • Meals distributed: 181,340
  • Masks distributed: 22,850
  • Families served: 1,200
  • Individuals served: 6,000
  • Communities served: 79
  • Churches, Organisations & Operational Partners: 81

AUGUST 6, 2020 | 10:00 A.M.

SYDNEY — Today our first Hope in Every Home partner, Revitalise Church, has officially passed out 1,000 hampers. We’re celebrating with their volunteer team and community. Those hampers are equivalent to 20,000 meals and landed in the hands of homeless, youth at risk refugees, women’s’ refugees, international students, visa holder families, children at risk, and have assisted several local community organisations.

JULY 10, 2020 | 8:00 A.M.

SYDNEY  We are so thankful for your partnership during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Because of your generosity, Convoy of Hope is distributing 229,000 meals in the Oceania Region. These meals are being distributed by over 25 active partners across the region including Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Vanuatu.

As a part of our Hope in Every Home response in Australia, we are distributing 150,000 meals. We have also distributed 20,250 masks to hospitals, aged care facilities, essential services, quarantine hotels, and more to help save lives and livelihoods. 

In Vanuatu, Convoy has distributed 84,000 meals, along with 6,000 hygiene kits which included bars of soap to help the communities stay healthy.

As our region continues to fight against the Coronavirus we will continue to respond and serve where we can. Thanks again for your generous support, it has provided thousands of meals to individuals and families in vulnerable situations.

JULY 2, 2020 | 9:00 A.M.

SYDNEY — Novotel Hotel has partnered with us to do 1000 Hampers of Hope.

These hampers will be distributed to other Novotel hotels within the whole state of NSW and will be given to people in need that were or are employees of Novotel with reduced hours to help with essential items as well as given to people that are in a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

This partnership came through our Partner church RVTLS providing Hampers initially and COH providing over 7k masks and hand sanitiser to Novotel Darling Harbour.

It has been so refreshing working with Convoy of Hope through RVTLS Church, the thought that we are able to help people because of your “no strings attached approach” is incredible,  and now for this generosity to be spread amongst all NSW Novotel Hotel’s, thank you!

Jacqui Paurinii | Local Convoy Contact

Convoy has also donated 7,000 Masks to the Novotel Hotel since the beginning of the HopeinEveryHome Covid-19 Response 

JUNE 1, 2020 |11:00 A.M.

SYDNEY — 100,000 meals have been distributed in response to COVID-19 in partnership with churches, community organisations, and even schools to see #hopeineveryhome. We think it’s a number worth celebrating alongside all of the amazing volunteers that have helped with Hampers of Hope! Thank you for your continued support as we serve vulnerable communities across Australia.

APRIL 23, 2020 | 8:00 A.M.

SYDNEY — The team has launched the Hope In Every Home COVID-19 response today.  Convoy has partnered with RVTLS church to start packing and distributing Hampers of Hope in the Cronulla area. This is the first of many partnerships to begin distribution of essential items and food in their community. 

APRIL 8, 2020 | 9:00 A.M.

SYDNEY — Convoy of Hope Australia is partnering with Mission Aviation Fellowship, NT Government and local Aboriginal corporations to support the Yolngu who will be contained in their homelands to prevent exposure of COVID-19. Convoy will donate 1,000 masks on April 8th as part of their 50kFaces Campaign.

“These masks were donated from Direct Relief to Convoy of Hope Australia and we’re so happy to be able to give them to people who are providing care in this crisis.” – Joel A’bell, Convoy of Hope Regional Leader, Oceania

To date, Convoy of Hope has distributed nearly 15,000 P2/N95 face masks to healthcare providers, essential workers, and high-risk individuals. The 50kFaces Campaign is working to save lives and livelihoods across Australia throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

APRIL 1, 2020 |11:00 A.M.

SYDNEY — Convoy of Hope has delivered a large supply of P2/N95 face masks to Frank Vickery Village that will be distributed across Wesley Mission’s services to be used as personal protective equipment by Wesley Mission staff.

Convoy of Hope had received significant stocks during the bushfires as the masks are also effective for smoke and other airborne particles.

“These masks were donated from Direct Relief to Convoy of Hope and we’re so happy to be able to give them to people who are providing care in this crisis. We love what you are doing at Wesley Mission,” said Joel A’Bell, Oceania Regional Leader.

Aged Care Centre Manager at Wesley Vickery Sylvania, Birgit von der Hocht took delivery of the 3,500 masks on Friday, thanking the Convoy of Hope crew who unloaded the masks from their Response Team ute.

Procurement Manager, Mark Speechly will oversee the redistribution of masks to Wesley Mission locations.

MARCH 25, 2020 |8:00 A.M.

SYDNEY — Convoy of Hope is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic to help those in desperate need. Volunteers packed and distributed boxes of P2/N95 face masks to be distributed to vulnerable communities today. This is the first step in our Australian Coronavirus Response.

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