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The last 12 months have been unlike anything we could have expected. Even in the midst of immense hardship, Convoy of Hope saw people like you step up in a united act of compassion to share hope with others. We heard story after story from individuals who were hungry, thirsty or in need of a helping hand, and together we were able to offer them relief.

 We are grateful for every volunteer, church, business, and donor who has made what we do at Convoy of Hope possible. Because of you, our capacity to help others increased despite the pandemic. It’s truly inspiring to see how people came together and made a difference when everything else was uncertain.

Thousands more children have received nourishment through our Children’s Feeding program, more women have been equipped with knowledge and resources, and thousands more individuals have learned to grow food for their families. In response to the pandemic, disasters, and crises around the world, millions of people received the help they needed.

For Convoy of Hope, it’s not about breaking records, it’s about serving each person we come across with dignity, respect, and love.

That said, the numbers offer insight into what you helped us accomplish in 2020.


  • 387,000+ children fed every school day in strategic feeding programs worldwide
  • 200 million+ meals distributed globally through our COVID-19 response
  • 2,127 communities served in 21 program countries
  • 62 disaster responses
    • 26 responses in the U.S. alone
    • 36 international responses
    • 32 countries served through our COVID-19 response

Thank you, again, for going above and beyond to help our neighbours in need, both close to home and far away. The value of your generosity and partnership cannot be overstated.


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