We fight hunger and poverty with nutritious food and opportunities for children in need.


Your $10 gift feeds a child in our program for an entire month.


  How do we do this? 

The exact cost of food and transportation varies from country to country. We maximise your $10 donation by leveraging our network of vehicles, equipment, and expert staff and volunteers.

Through local procurement, program implementation, and oversight, we ensure financial responsibility and program integrity.


Why Food?


Each day millions of children suffer from hunger and malnutrition.  These maladies delay their development, stunt their growth, make learning difficult and can even cause death.  We find that unacceptable.

Ending world hunger requires holistic solutions.  These solutions start with a warm bowl of food.  Food is the doorway to providing a child with an education, a healthier living environment, clean water and an opportunity for a better life.

Why One?


Mother Teresa once said, “If you can’t feed a hundred, then just feed one.” We’ve taken her words to heart and believe that if this generation is unleashed to solve the planet’s great challenges, they will produce a whole new world.

Though this is just the beginning, caring people from across the country are joining feedONE in our mission to end hunger.